10 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Spring Sacramento Real Estate
March 15, 2016

10 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Spring

Spring is a season full of new beginnings, fresh looks and brighter days. It’s when you typically dust those neglected shelves off, break out the patio furniture from the storage shed, and leave the sliding glass door open to let the warm breeze blow throughout your home.

Sacramento’s weather is beautiful all year long, but it just seems to take on a whole new beauty come springtime. So why not bring the beauty of spring indoors this year? Pockets of the Internet like Pinterest and home inspiration blogs (like ours!) are great places to get inspiration and ideas for taking your home’s decor to the next level.

So we did some digging and found a few of our favorite springtime DIY ideas perfect for you and your home. Take an afternoon or weekend to tackle one or two of these projects, and see how your space comes to life!

Fruit Slice Welcome Mats

These Fruit Slice Welcome Mats are a wonderful way to welcome guests into the season — and your home! The process is quite simple, as it only requires using an old circular mat cut in half, a few pieces of paper and some paint. And the best part is that you can make both the watermelon and the lemon mats and interchange them as they get worn out or you want a change in scenery.

DIY Spring Outdoor Rug

Agate Slice Coasters Kit

If you haven’t noticed, Agates have become quite popular as of late. These stones are mesmerizing, with their stunning, unique and marble-esque patterns that vary with each cut. That’s why we love this Agate Slice Coasters Kit from Brit + Co that you can put together using their full tutorial. These coasters make a wonderful hostess gift (or any kind of gift!) but we also happen to think they add the perfect amount of color to your own home for the spring.
Agate Slice Coasters Kit

Tabletop Herb Garden

The spring season is often characterized by plants — and lots of them. It’s a wonderful time to start planting your own herbs, either indoors or outdoors. Consider making your own Tabletop Herb Garden out of an old pallet. Imagine how easy it will be to grab a handful of cilantro from your kitchen counter to add to the soup on your stove!

Tabletop Herb Garden

Macrame Hanging Planters

Similarly, you can display plants (for looking at instead of eating) in your own Macrame Hanging Planters with some jersey knit fabric and a few careful cuts. The beauty of this project is the ability to choose whatever color you want that will fit in with your home’s interior landscape. We love the bright pink and pastel mint color for springtime, but the sky’s the limit colorwise!

DIY Macrame Hanging Planters

DIY Watercolor Flowers Painting

If you’re feeling extra artistic, you can create your own floral masterpiece to hang on the wall. But don’t worry — this Watercolor Flowers Tutorial takes you through the process in extensive detail, so there’s little room for error. This is a great way to bring some garden life into your home without having to water any plants!

DIY Watercolor Flowers Tutorial

Faux DIY Boxwood Wreath

This Faux DIY Boxwood Wreath is a subtle way to add the beauty of spring to your home without going over the top. And once you make it this year, you can bring it out each year to hang on your front door, fireplace mantle, or elsewhere in your home.

Faux DIY Boxwood Wreath

DIY Blooming Monogram

This Blooming Monogram for Mother’s Day is something we’re particularly excited about. We love the bright colors and fresh look of this display, and think it is a great way to decorate for Mother’s Day. However, you could make the letters say any word — or just the first letter of your family’s last name — and it will have a little longer shelf life throughout the spring and summer seasons.

DIY Blooming Monogram

Farmhouse Spring Island Vignette

If you haven’t noticed, the farmhouse style is making big waves in the interior design world. One way to incorporate this look into your home is by making your own Farmhouse Spring Island Vignette. We love the bright and springy green used in this look, accompanied by some natural and woodsy features.

Farmhouse Spring Island Vignette

DIY Moss Coasters

We also love these DIY Moss Coasters, as moss is so undeniably springy and the project takes only a few minutes to put together. What a fun way to add “greenery” to your coffee or dining table. All you’ll need is a floral springtime cocktail to rest on it and you’re set!

DIY Moss Coasters

DIY Antler Flower Display

The tutorial for this Antler Flower Display is short because the process really is so simple. You just need to paint some antlers white, dip them in gold paint, attach little vases filled with flowers to the antlers with some bright neon string, and tada! That’s it. This would make a gorgeous tabletop centerpiece for a party, Mother’s Day meal, Easter celebration, or simply to make your table stand out throughout the season.

DIY Floral Antlers

Happy Spring, Sacramento!

Let us know about any DIY springtime projects you’ve created or want to try out! We’d love to hear how you’re bringing the beauty of spring indoors this season.

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