How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care Sacramento Real Estate
October 11, 2018

How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care

Having a relaxing space in the home to escape to at the end of a busy workday can help to not only reduce stress levels but leave you feeling refreshed and energized to tackle the week. Research has shown that employee burnout not only contributes to poor work performance, but lower retention, and higher levels of healthcare spending due to ailments caused by stress and exhaustion. Having a place to rejuvenate when you come home is a great self-care solution to keep you in good health, and thriving in both your professional and personal life. Below we have a few tips on how you can design your own space to get you relaxing in no time!


Creating Ambiance

How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care

One of the key factors of creating a relaxing space is through designing a calming and tranquil ambiance. This can be done through a number of design techniques that are easy and simple to incorporate into any room.

Paint color is a great place to start, and it plays a huge role in influencing both our emotions and the mood of a room. Be sure to use muted tones, and stray away from bold colors like red, orange, and yellow. These colors can be harsh on the eyes, and create a high-energy atmosphere. Instead, use more natural tones and pastels, with blues and greens being the best options with their ability to boost mental clarity, and reflect the soothing qualities of nature. Your furnishings should also be more muted natural tones to bring balance, and to complement the hues you bring into your space. Check out great options for furnishings in natural and versatile tones here, to find the perfect pieces that provide the proper support and comfort to put your feet up, and start relaxing.


Limit Screen Time

How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care

Limiting screen time is another great way to help both the body and mind unwind, while also giving our eyes a break. Harsh blue light from laptops, smartphones, and televisions can keep the mind alert and lead to harmful sleeping patterns that can lead to more serious ailments, like heart disease. So be sure to make your relaxation space screen-free, and unplug from the digital world. Instead, catch up on some reading or listen to an audiobook or some of your favorite music. Puzzles and word games are also a great way to keep your mind refreshed.


Create An Energetic Space

How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care

Maybe putting your feet up isn’t the best way for you to relax. So, instead, create an at-home gym that gets your body moving. Studies have shown that routine exercise has the ability to decrease levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. So, get those free weights ready, and design a workout room that you can use both morning and night to relieve tension. Invest in collapsible and easy-to-store equipment, like free weights or exercise bikes, to make sure your space doesn’t feel cluttered.

If you prefer a less rigorous workout, try a yoga practice that fits your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, yoga can help to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and even mental clarity. All you need is a yoga mat, a blanket for support, and to create a space that feels tranquil. Adding fresh air-purifying plants is a great addition to any meditation space, as well as miniature fountains for soothing white noise, and essential oils for aromatherapy.  


Self-Care Routine

How to Create Your Own At-Home Relaxation Space to Practice Self-Care

If you are unable to designate an area in your home, try incorporating a self-care routine into your day to turn any space into a relaxation space. Whether it is in the morning before work, or at night, having a routine can help to improve sleep and leave you feeling more energized for the workday ahead. It can be as simple as taking a relaxing bath with exfoliating soaps and essential oils, going for a nightly walk, or turning off your phone at a certain time to have some screen-free time before bed. Self-care is different for everyone, so find what makes you feel most relaxed and reenergized. Check out these great ideas for more unique ways to practice self-care to find the routine that best works for you to get you feeling revitalized in no time!


What about you?

What tips do you have for self-care or creating ambiance in the home? Let us know in the comments below!

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