How Much Home Can You Afford?

Don’t have boatloads of cash? You don’t necessarily need it to purchase a home. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should make a quick-draw decision based on immediate satisfaction. Buying a home is a commitment that affects your credit, equity, and sometimes your overall security. Typically, banks will loan 80... Read More

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Back to School – Getting Back in the Groove

August 18, 2014

Many schools are back in session, with others soon to begin. For many families, this may be an opportune time to reorganize. This means everything from designating spaces for backpacks and quiet places to do homework, to setting up a calendar, possibly color-coding it for everyone’s various activities. This may... Read More

How Green is Your Home?

Searching for Your Dream Home? Create a Wish List

July 28, 2014

Dreams are in the details. And when looking for the home of your dreams, those details become an integral part of your search. Location. Landscape. Sidewalks. Fences. Kitchen island. Granite countertops. Hardwood floors. Office. Attached garage. Be specific, but realistic. Some of your “necessities” may be unattainable. Write down what... Read More

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