New Year's Eve Events in the Sacramento Area

We can hardly believe that 2016 is almost over. There is no better way to celebrate the successes, memories and events of 2016 than with family and friends at a local event or special dinner in the city. And of course, this is also an opportunity to make a toast... Read More

19 Family Friendly Halloween Events in the Sacramento Area

October 4, 2016

While there are always a lot of Halloween activities in the city, it can be hard to find the perfect family-friendly events to take the kids to. We’ve gathered the best events that will allow your little ones to get dressed up in their favorite costumes, get their faces painted,... Read More

11 Reasons to Love Sacramento in the Summer

June 20, 2016

There is something especially magical about Sacramento in the summertime. This is perhaps due to the ever-present sunshine, the abundance of people enjoying outdoor activities, and the various community events on the city’s calendar. Sacramento is situated in a region perfect for enjoying this season to the absolute fullest. Not... Read More