Things To Do in the Sacramento Area Over Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a special holiday set aside to honor the veterans who died while serving our country in the armed forces. The entire nation pauses to celebrate our freedom, honor their lives, and come together as one in a weekend packed with barbeques, memorial services and events. There are... Read More

The Best Places to Live In And Around The Sacramento Area

May 6, 2016

Maybe we’re biased because we live in Sacramento, but we think this is the best place to live in the country. From the abundance of local restaurants, conditions perfect for outdoor activity, and the wonderful people that make up the population, Sacramento is an exceptional place to call home. There... Read More

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9 Reasons You Should Never Go to Sacramento

April 1, 2016

Those of you who don’t call Sacramento your home may not be aware of some pretty frightening facts about the capital of California. In case you end up visiting or moving there at some point, we thought you should be adequately forewarned. From its overwhelming supply of wine from local... Read More