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04/10/15 by Lyon Real Estate

Home buyers in all price points hit the resale market in full force last month as a record 3,102 new open escrows were reported. “Not since May of 2012, when our median price was $200,000 and 64% of today’s $312,000, has the market been in such a shopping frenzy,” says Pat Shea, president of Lyon Real Estate. This information was provided by Trendgraphix Inc., a Sacramento based reporting company, and conveyed by Lyon Real Estate.

“New open or pending sales in March were 37% higher than the already solid 2,262 posted in February. Pending sale numbers also finished the month 22% higher than their best open month in all of 2014,” according to Shea. Closed sales of 2,151 units reflected very strong momentum as well, with a 27% increase over February. Both metrics point toward a very robust April and mark a resounding rebound from the typical seasonal slow-down. 

Homes below $300,000, regarded as the entry level price range, logged 1,347 new open escrows and left that market segment with less than one month of inventory. The move-up home market, $300,000 - $750,000, posted a resounding 45% increase in pending sales over February and finished for the quarter 20% higher than last year. The move-up market is also reflecting historically low available inventory with less than two months remaining on the shelf. 

“The upper-end, $750,000 and above, is a really big story,” says Shea. “Eighty pending sales reported in February represent a very strong showing for our region; 131 posted in March is astronomical.” First quarter pending sales in the upper-end posted a 45% increase over 2014 numbers.

“Consistently improving employment opportunities and economic enthusiasm for our community are continuing to drive a very solid resale housing market,” says Shea. “Inventory choices in the move-up, upper-end and finally new construction market should provide adequate fuel to sustain the momentum. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that interest rates remain at those May, 2012 levels as well.”