Renew License - 45 Hour Package (1st time)

Renew License - 45 Hour Package


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the 45 Hour Package

Salesperson - First Renewal (end of first 4 years)

If you are a Salesperson or Broker renewing for the first time (end of 1st 4 years) and the license expires on or after 10/1/2011, they must complete 45 hours of continuing education that includes separate 3-hour courses in Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, and Risk Management.


Who should use this package?
Agents at the end of their first four years.

What does the package include?
If your license expires on or after October 1, 2011
Risk Management, Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, and Trust Fund Handling (45-hour package).

How much does it cost?
45-Hour Package: Only $40 Courses Online (No Books) or $50 (w/books) plus $10.00 S/H

How Do I Register?
Register Online (Visa or MasterCard) or for more information call toll-free: 1 (866) 596-6773


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